About Trussmatic

Trussmatic is the world’s leading producer of Fully Automatic Solutions for the Building Component Manufacturing Industry.  Trussmatic automatic roof truss production technology is based on patented Smart Robotics Solution.

The company has developed strong IP for Vertical Roof Trusses, Wall Elements and Floor Trusses in key global markets. The core invention consists of proprietary process automation systems and smart robotics using patented Internet-of-Things supported technologies with online monitoring capabilities.

Trussmatic is an independent vendor for the Building Component Manufacturers.

The technology has been developed for over 10 years.


The company is privately owned, and the main owners have an extensive and broad international experience in the wood processing, construction, roofing, furniture and ICT industries.


Trussmatic management has a solid track record in the wood processing industries. The core competences are:

  • Automation and smart robotics
  • Software development
  • Planning, delivering and ramping-up of turn-key production lines especially in the wood working industry
  • Project management
  • International business