Smart Robotic Solutions

Fully Automated Roof Truss Line

The Building Component Manufacturers challenges:

  • Struggling with labor intensive technology and high direct labor costs
  • The architecture is more complex and truss batches shorter
  • High turnaround of the staff due to physically heavy work
  • Not an attractive work environment especially for younger generations.

Trussmatic Automatic Roof Truss Line increases production combined with efficiency and improvements in safety and risk mitigation.  Trussmatic offers an independent solution.

The Trussmatic production line is delivered to customers with the possibility to follow up using a wide range of smart care services such as monitoring, remote maintenance, training and process optimization.

Trussmatic Smart Robotics Solution includes installation, maintenance, training of operators and service agreement of software and production line.  The production line’s core features are the Company’s proprietary software and process automation control systems, enabling one operator to manage and monitor the whole production process.

Trussmatic fully automatic CAD/CAM and CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) roof truss production line converts CAD drawings to truss manufacturing.

Trusses can be designed in almost any shape or size, restricted only by manufacturing capabilities, shipping limitations and handling considerations.